Waste to Energy: Industrial Boilers and Incinerators

Mercury Removal

We understand the compliance and operational challenges associated with industrial boilers and incinerators; finding a cost-effective, reliable solution that does not disrupt facility functionality is essential.

At Carbonxt, we offer high quality products that enable our partner utilities to reduce costs. Our non-corrosive activated carbons do not contain additives that will cause damage to your facility, but are just as effective as our brominated products. The superior-oxidizing additive enables high absorption, and cuts costs due to a lower necessary injection rate. This combined with our domestic production allows our partners to enjoy a more efficient, lower cost system.

Our team will evaluate your existing system and design a product that integrates into your flue gas conditions. After implementation we continue to have an open line of communication and provide consistent data reports, so you know that you are always meeting compliance.

Related Products

Cabonxt’s MACT-PAC is a powdered activated carbon (PAC) tailored for in-flight gas phase removal of mercury in waste-to-energy facilities. In addition to mercury capture, it is well suited for the adsorption of dioxins and furans.