Cement Plants

Mercury Removal

We know that finding a mercury removal solution that is both efficient and cost effective is key for cement plants. Our focus on innovation, technical services and supply chain management has led us to success in this industry, enabling us to design custom activated carbon solutions at a low price. Our CEM-PAC line is specifically engineered for cement plants’ NESHAP and CISWI compliance efforts.

We offer our superior-oxidizing, non-corrosive activated carbons enhanced with Carbonxt’s proprietary additive in addition to slightly brominated versions. Our PACs have been vetted in a variety of plant configurations with varying gas conditions and temperatures. We have proven efficient mercury capture in both raw mill on and raw mill off applications as well as in other unique cement plant operating configurations. CEM-PAC sorbents are available via bulk pneumatic tanker and super sack delivery.

In addition to supplying mercury capture sorbents, Carbonxt assigns a dedicated Applications Engineer to each of our cement customers. We provide regular data review and monthly compliance reports summarizing plant emissions and PAC usage to our customers. These technical services are available under a sorbent supply agreement at no additional cost.


Carbonxt’s CEM-PAC is a non-halogenated, oxidizing powdered activated carbon (PAC) that is chemically and physically enhanced for in-flight gas phase removal of mercury (Hg). It is specifically engineered for cement plants’ NESHAP and CISWI compliance efforts. CEM-PAC employs Carbonxt’s proprietary, non-halogenated additive, providing the necessary oxidation for Hg capture while eliminating the worry of corrosion concerns surrounding brominated products.

Carbonxt’s CEM-PAC Plus is an enhanced version of CEM-PAC that incorporates a second proprietary non-halogenated additive that targets the removal of elemental mercury. CEM-PAC is well suited for challenging cement plant environments with high elemental mercury concentrations. It can be injected at a wide range of gas temperatures and operating conditions.

Case Studies

Carbonxt’s PAC for Cement Applications and the Effect of Temperature on Mercury Capture

In this case study, Carbonxt explores the impact temperature has on mercury removal at a southeastern cement plant.