History & Values

Since our founding, our focus on innovation, customer service, and continuous improvement has enabled us to grow quickly, and develop new applications as we partner with clients in a variety of industries.

In 2006, Carbonxt identified mercury removal from coal-fired power stations as an emerging market for activated carbon, and began development efforts focused on this application.

The following year, in an effort to successfully participate in the mercury control and capture market, we recruited highly specialized personnel to join our team. These individuals possessed technical skills in capturing mercury from air and water, the ability to manufacture varying activated carbon products, and the ability to tailor these products to suit individual power utilities’ circumstances.

In 2010, we initiated product testing of our oxidizing, non-brominated formula in a laboratory setting, and had developed a full-scale field-testing program with various utilities by 2012. This non-corrosive formula led to incredible growth when we began arranging activated carbon manufacturing partnerships in 2013.

From there, we continued to develop novel sorbents for pollutant capture. Our expertise and domestic manufacturing led us to partner with cement plants, industrial boilers and incinerators, facilities in the potable water industry, and more. We are always improving our products to provide the industries we serve with the best in emissions control, and engineering new products for unique applications. Driven by innovation, we pioneer the development of environmental solutions for our partners.

At Carbonxt, we don’t just help our partners control their impact on the environment– we work to reduce our footprint as well. Using our technical expertise, we source raw material byproducts to engineer high quality activated carbons, maintaining high absorption rates while utilizing sustainable materials. We specialize in developing and providing superior oxidizing, non-brominated activated carbons that are non-corrosive and maintain maximum efficiency, eliminating the gradual deterioration caused by brominated carbons. Our team continuously conducts research to uncover new ways we can use renewable raw materials to create environmental solutions.


At Carbonxt, our mission is comprised of the following tenets:

  • Manufacture premium engineered sorbents
  • Utilize proprietary manufacturing processes
  • Develop holistic, customer-based environmental solutions for current and future issues


We uphold this mission by maintaining the following values:

  • Provide personal, customer-oriented service with a single point of contact
  • Maintain innovative R&D practices while working to improve the solutions we market
  • Maintain a partnership philosophy with our customers