Providing environmental solutions through the development of advanced carbon technologies

Providing environmental solutions
through the development of
advanced carbon technologies

Coal-Fired Power Plants
Cement Plants
Waste to Energy: Industrial Boilers & Incinerators
Potable Water
VOC Containment Removal
Nutrient Recovery Technology

Carbonxt is a growing and active participant in the global effort to reduce environmental pollutants through the development of activated carbons to filter air and water. Our R&D team has earned a reputation for constantly pushing the envelope– developing new activated carbon solutions while improving those we presently market.

We specialize in providing superior oxidizing, non-brominated activated carbons that are non-corrosive and maintain maximum efficiency, eliminating the gradual deterioration caused by highly brominated carbons without sacrificing effectiveness. Our carbon products are domestically manufactured and are designed for use in a variety of applications, such as water treatment and air purification. We understand the economic and compliance challenges of each industry we serve. We work closely with you, as our partner, to engineer an activated carbon product that will meet your needs. Through performance-based testing and open communication, we ensure the solutions we implement remain effective for your facility. Our partners consistently achieve emissions compliance while utilizing our activated carbon technologies.

If you are looking for activated carbon solutions, Carbonxt has a product for you. We currently market solutions for mercury removal in a variety of applications, volatile organic compound filtration from liquids or gases, phosphate and hydrogen sulfide removal, as well as removal of contaminants to produce potable water.

If your specific application is not shown among our air purification and water filtration products, we can develop custom activated carbon technologies for you. As good stewards of the environment and public health, we want to help you meet your emissions compliance goals.

We are the only activated carbon pellet manufacturer located in the United States. That means you save money on freight, and we deliver quickly. With multiple manufacturing sites and sources of raw materials, we are resilient to interruptions in supply.