shutterstock_165786365Carbonxt has embraced a unique business perspective whereby we think of the purchasers of our products not as “customers” but rather as “partners.”

This mindset speaks to our complete confidence in our R&D team’s ability to provide performance enhancements to our PACs resulting in lower costs to our partners (either via lower injection rates or product processing efficiencies).  In fact, we take a collaborative approach to ensure we’re continuously learning about our partner utility’s operations and performance.

At Carbonxt, we pride ourselves on the fact that our goal isn’t to simply sell products, but rather, to help our partner utility companies pinpoint the right product for their exact needs. Working together with you, we strive to provide solutions that ultimately benefit your company, your community and the environment as a whole.

We firmly believe that our partnership philosophy combined with our R&D capabilities provide us with a distinct competitive advantage in the marketplace because the Carbonxt team was specifically built with experts trained in mercury control and capture, flue gas, and activated carbon.