Carbonxt’s powdered activated carbons (PACs) are non-halogenated, yet oxidizing. This means that utilities and plants can realize significant long-term savings thanks to the prevention of corrosion of their plant system equipment. Studies and testing by independent entities such as Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) have confirmed the corrosive impact of brominated activated carbons. With Carbonxt products, our partner utilities have the ease of knowing our PACs won’t harm their equipment over the course of time.

Because the long-term balance-of-plant impacts of bromine-based mercury control technologies to large utility-scale boilers are not well known or understood, EPRI investigated areas of concern through a “comprehensive literature review, laboratory tests, coupon tests in flue gas, and via a survey of plants operating with bromine-based mercury control technologies.” The investigation’s results are summarized in a report entitled “Effectiveness and Balance-of-Plant Impacts of Added Bromine” which also provides suggested design and operational changes to better reduce the negative impacts.

For more information on the effects of brominated products, click on the link below where you’ll find a report by the EPRI published in December 2013.