activated carbon injection


Performance of Non-Halogenated Activated Carbon for Mercury Compliance

With the introduction of the first national standards for mercury pollution from power plants in December of 2011, many facilities will turn to activated carbon injection to meet the regulatory demands.  Activated carbon injection is a mature technology that is widely available and proven for achieving mercury removal greater than 90%.  In anticipation of the need, Carbonxt has developed powdered activated carbon for mercury removal from coal-fired power plant flue gas.   This product stands apart from most available mercury control sorbents in that is it non-halogenated. The Carbonxt product has been tested using full-scale activated carbon injection studies under various conditions.  The testing includes a span of coal and boiler types, injection location/particulate control configurations, injection rates, and concentration of SO3 (inherent and injected for flue-gas conditioning).  This presentation will review the mercury control performance and operational impacts, including particle emissions and fly ash utilization, of these recent test events.