Overview of Present Products

Carbonxt products are  impregnated powdered activated carbon (PACs) produced from coal that is engineered for in-flight gas phase removal of mercury to assist with meeting emission control requirements.  The unique pore structure of all three of our product lines permits the rapid adsorption and removal of mercury from combustion gases at a wide range of temperatures.  These distinctive physical features in concert with enhanced activity result in a high capacity sorbent for mercury capture.  All our products are non-halogenated to eliminate corrosion concerns.

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Non-Halogenated Product Advantages

Our R&D team works diligently to create a unique product with distinctive advantages for our clients.

We’re proud to say our non-halogenated product line is:


  • No corrosion of handling equipment, plant ductwork or equipment

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Cost Effective

  • Lower injection rates due to high capacity
  • Impacts on fly ash are minimized


  • Injection can be tailored to meet plant needs
  • Injection applied upstream or downstream of the air heater
  • Particulate removal electrostatic precipitator, fabric filter or combinations thereof

As always, our R&D team continuously works to improve our current products while engineering new ones as we strive to bring innovative solutions to our partners.


Contact our home office for information on how Carbonxt can serve as your activated carbon supplier, helping you meet your compliance needs.