Non-Halogenated Activated Carbon for Mercury Capture from Coal-Fired Power Plant Flue-Gas

Activated carbon injection (ACI) for the control of mercury (Hg) from Coal-Fired Power Plant (CFPP) flue-gas is an established pollution control technique.  Carbonxt has developed a line of non-halogenated activated carbons that have demonstrated high performance mercury removal.  Typically, ACI tests are completed in a sequential fashion whereby each carbon vendor demonstrates the performance of their product over a few to several day period.  When comparing brominated ACs to other brominated ACs this approach is valid.  Carbonxt designs their non-halogenated ACs for Hg capture, and have decreased AC usage for a coal-fired power plant by 50% using an engineered approach.  This presentation focuses on the benefits of this engineered approach, and further considerations for power plants as MATS compliance draws closer

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