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In 2006, Carbonxt identified mercury removal from coal-fired power stations as an emerging market for activated carbon and we began development efforts focusing on this application.

The following year, in an effort to successfully participate in the mercury control and capture market, we recruited highly specialized personnel to join our team. These individuals possessed technical skills in capturing mercury from air and water, the ability to manufacture varying activated carbon products and the ability to tailor these products to suit individual power utilities circumstances.

In 2010, we initiated product testing of our oxidizing, non-halogenated formula in a laboratory setting and by 2012 our R&D team had developed a full-scale field-testing program with various utilities in several sites.

shutterstock_76286749Fast forward to 2013 when Carbonxt developed activated carbon manufacturing partnerships with two companies, both industry recognized in their respective areas of expertise. Later, in early 2014, Carbonxt was awarded a powdered activated carbon (PAC) contract for a utility located in the mid-Atlantic region of the US.

Most recently, Carbonxt formed a partnership with United Conveyor Corporation (UCC) to jointly provide new emission control systems and sorbents for coal-fired power plants in North America and Europe. This offering combines our companies’ respective  expertise in air quality control systems and activated carbon-based solutions for regulation compliance.


Currently our R&D team continues their research in an effort to improve our products while developing new ones. Our sales team is available to meet with those interested in learning how we can partner together to meet your individual needs.

We look forward to updating our Announcements and History pages as the company continues to build partnerships with utilities while pushing the envelope in R&D.

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