Providing Environmental Solutions through the Development of Advanced Carbon Technology

About CarbonXT

Carbonxt is a growing and active participant in the global effort to reduce environmental pollutants through the development of activated carbons. Our R&D team has earned a reputation for continuously striving to push the envelope, developing new solutions while improving those we presently market.

coalpileOur activated carbons are primarily manufactured for use in applications such as  capturing mercury emissions from coal-fired power stations and cement plantsto help utilities with regulatory compliance. However, our entire team has their sights on the future, with our R&D team leading the way in the development of innovative environmental solutions for our customers.

Currently we provide superior oxidizing, non-halogenated and low-halogenated activated carbons for mercury control and removal from flue gas mitigating the corrosion concerns associated with highly brominated activated carbons. Our Cxt product family powdered activated carbons (PACs) have proven to be equivalent to or better than the latest generation brominated activated carbons in ESP, fabric filter, and COHPAC configurations. In fact, Carbonxt has demonstrated that it can engineer activated carbons for unique plant configurations thus reducing sorbent and utility costs.

In mid-2015, Carbonxt formed an alliance partnership with United Conveyor Corporation (UCC) to provide new emission control systems and sorbents for coal-fired power plants in North America and Europe. This move essentially combines the expertise of both companies to provide holistic solutions for their customers.  To learn more about the partnership, read the company press release here.

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